Exhibition “Fragment. Ukrainе”, G.ART Gallery, Berlin, Germany

Freiluft Kunst Klub Berlin and Art Plattform G.ART Gallery present “Fragment. Ukraine” – a collective exhibition of eight talented Ukrainian contemporary artists who are a worthy fragment of the large Ukrainian art scene.
The exhibition will open on 27 July at 18.00 and will run for three weeks until 24 August. The venue is Hotel Berlin, Berlin (Lützowplatz 17).
The exhibition will include:
Pavlo Yarmolyk
Ganna Kryvolap
Serhiy Savchenko
Petro Smetana
Oleksandr Barbolin
Taras Haida
Andriy Bludov
Dima Kashtalyan
Ukrainian art is thriving – despite daily terrorist attacks from Russia and heavy fighting during the Ukrainian counter-offensive. The enemy wants to fragment Ukraine in the literal sense of the word – to split it apart, to destroy its identity, to destroy factories, bridges and power plants, to kill people, to ban the Ukrainian language. And Ukrainians at home and abroad are putting the fragments back together again and again: rebuilding buildings, covering their walls with frescoes, restoring broken stained glass windows, writing books, painting pictures.
Nowadays it has become especially clear that every fragment of the huge world is important, they all add up to a whole picture, and the task of civilised people is not to let the fragments turn into shards.
Frontman of “Fragment. Ukraine” is the artist Pavlo Yarmolyk. The themes he explores: transhumanism, futuristic forecasts of humanity’s development, reflections on the place and role of man in the world. He works with colours on chipboard and plywood and introduces elements of collage and applique into his works.
The exhibition opening will feature a wall with a painting by Pavlo Yarmolyk, created especially for the Freiluft Kunst Klub Berlin art club at the Hotel Berlin, Berlin. The main idea of his painting is that nature always wins, weak plants are stronger than concrete.

Text, photos – G.ART Gallery
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