Exhibition “Inspired by Pinzel in Godovytsia”, Lviv National Museum

The Andrei Sheptytskyi National Museum in Lviv is pleased to announce the new exhibition project “Inspired by the Pinzel in Godovytsia”, the opening of which will take place on February 10.
The exhibition presents painting and sculptural works created at artistic events held in August 2021 and October 2022 as part of the cultural and artistic project “Under the Star of Pinzel”.
It was joined by 35 famous Ukrainian artists and the purpose of tthe exhibition is to draw public attention to a unique architectural monument – the All Saints Church in the village of Godovytsy in the Lviv region, which needs conservation and restoration. The plastic decoration of the church of the 18th century was performed by Johann Georgy Pinzel, a master of baroque sculpture, whose work is being updated by the NGO “Art Studio of Ivona Loban”.
Text: The Andrei Sheptytskyi National Museum