Framing Reality. “Saphira & Ventura” Gallery, New York, USA

Photos from the exhibition “Framing of reality”. The opening ceremony took place on May 16th from 18:00 to 20:00 in the Saphira & Ventura gallery, located at 4 W 43rd St. # 416, New York NY 10036.

In the diverse landscape of interpretation, imagery and visual cues, an artist finds themselves connecting the various elements of their personal perspective in order to create their masterpiece. In Framing Reality, Saphira & Ventura Gallery plans to unveil these mysteries.
Guests at the gallery w re in contact with the works of Marilzes Petroni, an artist, writer, and composer. As a painter, she has more than 100 participations including 40 solo shows realized all over the world. Among others are Lilian Souto, which had her red abstract works presented for their first time in the gallery. Souto has recently exhibited in São Paulo at S&V Gallery.
With figurative art, the gallery exhibitув the works of Thamilli Rolim, a visual artist based in Petrolina, Brazil and who studied at the SVA in New York. Having recently exhibited in Pier 90, Brazilian surrealist artist, Henrique Vieira had his works present in this exhibition.

The gallery also exhibited a collection of Ukrainian artists such as Petro Smetana, a mixed media artist experimenting with both the eclectic forms and colors.
As well as Mykola Zhuravel, who unites the legacies of Byzantine and Rus icon painting with his contemporary technique.
Featuring in Framing Reality are the pieces of Oleksii Apollonov, pieces of which have a wide variety of genres – abstract and non-figurative painting, primitivism, plot compositions, and landscapes.
Along with the works of Petro Bevza, exploring a bright abstract series and canvas- es, soaked with symbolic images to build a bridge between the past and the future, the gallery also exhibited Oleksii Beliusenko, a Ukrainian artist of Kazakhstan origin, whose series of works combines semi-abstract landscape painting.
The gallery also featured David Sharishidze, whose works provides the viewer with a reminiscence of Matisse and Cezanne. An award-winning artist, Sharishidze’s works recently were exhibited at MIIT in Turin.
Olena Pryduvalova is a famous Ukrainian artist working in the style of painting, drawing and decorative arts. “Kyiv” theme is central to the artist’s work.
This collection also featured one of the most prominent artists in Ukraine, Boris Yeghiazaryan, whose iconographic motifs are enhanced by the play of deep colors.
Curated by Alcinda Saphira and Tatyana Borodina.
Production: Camila Crivelenti, Albert Valente, and Liz Carvalho.
Text by Tatyana Borodina.