Opening of the “The third action” project at the National Museum of Andrei Sheptytsky

On Friday, August 31, at 17:00, a new personal project will be opened at the National Museum of Andrei Sheptytsky.
“The third action” exhibition includes works performed in overwhelming majority for the last year. Some have not yet been exhibited, some of the works have been presented in the exhibition spaces of the galleries of Krakow, Warsaw and Kiev. The works are the components of long-term artistic projects and in the same set for the first time. This exhibition is held for the purpose of presenting artwork for a short and intense period of time.
The exhibition will last from 31/08/2018 to 30/09/2018
Lviv, prospect Svobody, 20

The works presented at this exhibition were part of the projects:
“Triptych Art” Gallery, project “Soot”. Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Triptych Art” Gallery, project “Soot” within the “Kyiv Art Week”. Kyiv, Ukraine.
“White World” Gallery , project “Changing of the aggregate state”. Kyiv, Ukraine.
City Museum, project “Disappearing cities”. Lviv, Ukraine.
“White World” Gallery , project “Disappearing cities”. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Art Residence “Velykyi Pereviz”, “The first official exhibition on the territory of the residence”. Poltava region, Ukraine.
Kyiv Museum of History, Odessa Museum of western and Oriental Art, curatorial project “Internal Japan”. Kyiv, Odessa, Ukraine.
“Kordegarda” Gallery, exhibition “Paintings”. Warsaw, Poland.
Museums of the Friends of the Art, project “Disappearing cities”. Сraсow, Poland.

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