Project “Resurrection” in National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery”

We are pleased to present to you a new exhibition project in the museum – the exhibition of works by Petro Smetana – “Resurrection”! Our team created an exhibition to introduce the Kyiv public to the project which was successfully demonstrated at the Biennale Personal Structures Reflection 2022 in Venice.
At the exhibition, you will be able to see the works of the artist, that have been returned to Ukraine after a 7-month exhibition in Venice/ You also will be able to see the film “Resurrection from Ukraine” (filming and editing: Roman Shishak; producer: Olesya Domaradzka). Project curator: Olesya Domaradzka (Green sofa gallery)
Co-organizers: Ivona Loban (“Inspired by Pinzel”) and Oleksandr Yanovych (White World gallery).
Text: National Museum “Kyiv Art Gallery”
Photo: Sergey Masurash
Video: Malika Umarova

“The series of works for the Biennale in Venice was created at the beginning of 2022, even before the full-scale invasion of Russia into Ukraine. At the opening of the project, it was already read as prophetic images. At that time, the Russians began to turn Ukrainian cities into ruins, and human lives – into dust. But the images engraved on the canvases were not fantasy. After all, Ukraine has been in the process of war with Russia for more than eight years due to the violation of state borders and the annexation of Crimea. We have been suffering from this country’s aggression for centuries.
The objects presented in the pictures are specific buildings of historical significance, in particular, the Krayan factory in Odesa. We see that the consequences of prolonged inaction in relation to historical heritage are as dire as a sudden armed attack. The events after February 24, in a certain sense, forced us to be born again. The opening of the project took place at the time when Ukraine was celebrating Easter. This week we symbolically unite in suffering in anticipation of the Resurrection of Christ.“