The project “Resurrection” is available on the V-Art NFT platform

Next Thursday, September 22nd, V-Art will drop an NFT Collection assembled in collaboration with the галерея “Зелена канапа”/ Green Sofa Gallery, featuring paintings from Ukrainian Artist Petro Smetana.
‘Resurrection’ has been displayed as a permanent part of the 59th Venice Biennale as part of the European Cultural Center ECC-Personal Structure. This collection represents Ukraine’s place in the contemporary art world, and the resilience of the Ukrainian artistic community to stay visible during the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War.

About “Resurrection”

“Until recently, the statement about the preservation of work after the creator’s death was correct – temporary things aren’t credible.
Human life is a short episode. But now, in the period of a total lack of space, time, and memory, this statement limits the development of art.
The creators of our past, whose material legacy we see, weren`t into the conflict of nature-industry, regress-progress. So I am figuring out: is such a material heritage a benefit or just a dust?
We see the resurrection before us through the death, which is visible and touchable. In fact, death goes ahead of life. This is exactly how the painful birth of new spirituality takes place. New life emerges from uprise material.”
Petro Smetana, the artist.

Presented by Gallery Green Sofa & V-Art Marketplace
Curator: Olesia Domaradzka
Co-organizer: Ivona Loban

Green Sofa is a private gallery of contemporary art founded in 2006. The 16 year old gallery is located in the historical building of the medieval Armenian court (1570). Exhibitions are changing every four weeks, mainly exhibiting artists hailing from Lviv.
V-Art is a platform that enables new revenue from creative digital assets using blockchain-powered licensing for any creative, tech, or luxury brand.

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