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Design of the book that highlights the creative work of the Ukrainian artist Petro Smetana for the period 2016-2018. The album contains reproductions of paintings, objects’ photos, documentation of video installations, as well. For the first time in addition to art studies articles and curatorial notes, the artist publishes his own texts that accompanied specific projects in recent years.

The publication helps visualize and intellectually delve into the world of the artist. The book contains photos of urban objects, which the artist studied, and presented the work process itself to the technical nuances.

The basis for the design of this book was the decision to materialize the desire of the viewer to touch the art. The album representing the visual art at first glance hides it. The cover at first glance is empty. It makes you develop and apply other senses, which in fact is the task of art.

The entire circulation of the cover is made by the artist Petro Smetana with the use of author’s material.

The solemn presentation of the book was held at the Museum of the History of Kyiv on 19.10. 2018. At the same time, the opening of the exhibition “The Third Action” was held in the framework of which the presented paintings and objects performed in 2016-2018 which are reproduced in the book “Art Practices.”

13. 10. 2018 The book was presented at the Sheptytsky Center in Lviv. Together with other books by the publishing house Art Huss, “Art Practices” by Peter Smetana entered the Library of the Ukrainian Catholic University and other higher educational institutions.

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